Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Santa Fe River -Charles Schaefer

Peanut Mill -Charles Schaefer

"The Paint Out at High Springs was an exceptional art event. The many artists there made for one of the best gallery shows that I have seen. Hopefully anyone in close proximity to High Springs will have the time to travel and see the wonderful artwork there. Also, while out there, you must drive over to the Sante Fe River in O'leno State Park and also at the Kulaqua Campgrounds. The hospitality extended to us during this event will not be forgotten, they were so kind to all of us. The Town of High Springs also let us go just about anywhere we wanted to set up our easles and let us paint away. The staff at the High Springs Gallery and Chuck Sapp was always there to guide us in whatever we needed, whether they were directions or in need of art supplies. Words can only convey a thank you to them all, just wish there were something more that we could do for them."
Charles Schaefer

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