Thursday, November 02, 2006

Paintings by: L Diane Johnson

Painting Real Dreams

"After participating in many a paint out, although one of the "new kids on the block", the High Springs Paint Out ranks as one of the best I've experienced. Not only did they gather some of the top painters in all media/styles, but the service and treatment of the artists was grand.

What an adventure! We were escorted to enchanting spots in the region to paint, were fed so well by Chuck Sapp, his Staff and Dan Rountree - who made us feel like old friends. When you are painting, so many things can break your concentration or divert your energies. Not so at this event. Everything was done such that painters could paint as much as possible without interruption.

The place was magical, which came through in the Exhibition. From the soft delicate observations of earth tones to bold jewel colors of water and sky captured by the painters, collectors from everywhere should take the time at next year's event to visit High Springs Gallery. Many of the painters who participated, are also represented year-round. Don't miss the the opportunity to consider work for their collections.

I so much appreciate having been a part of this first annual event. Thanks again to everyone including Linda Blondheim who brought so much of her experience to bear on the paint out."

From L Diane Johnson

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