Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Santa Fe River flows past and around Rum Island. It's an enchanting
place with a beautiful spring. One chilly morning I arrived shortly after
sunrise to find the steam swirling up from the warm river. The woodpeckers
were darting from tree to tree and the light was so beautiful that I spent
the first hour just taking photographs (see attached). I chose to paint
this particular view of the edge of the island because I loved the way the
sunlight was catching the tips of the trees and shining on the grass. The
brightness was reflected in the water, seemingly making it glow.

Mary Jane Volkmann

"Hay Bales" 9" X 12" oil on linen
Val Sandell

This was the first time I've painted in those specific locations in Florida and it is beautiful. Looking forward to returning is the best compliment to all who organized and executed "The Nature of Art in High Springs" event. I encourage art lovers to see the show and variety of interpretations of such interesting local landscape.
Val Sandell

Monday, October 30, 2006

This is Stacey Breheny's painting in progress on the Santa Fe River at the Paint Out.

Stacey wrote "I was challenged by that Kulaqua swamp but also loved it. Loved the complexity and mystery of it."

Rum Island
18x24 inches
oil on canvas

I have been painting regularly at Rum Island for several weeks. It is truly magnificent. There is beauty in every direction.

I so enjoyed the experience of this paint out. It was a relaxed environment. The High Springs Gallery staff and the Adopt A River staff were gracious hosts. I have been to many paint outs over the years and I must say that this was a top quality group of artists. The exhibit is stunning!!! Please go by high Springs Gallery and see it. There are still plenty of beautiful paintings to purchase.

Rum Island Park

This blog is about The Art of Nature in High Springs.

The first annual event was held on October 26-29, 2006

Twenty three plein air landscape artists painted in High Springs, Oleno State Park, Rum Island Park, Ichetucknee Springs State Park, and Camp Kulaqua for four days, producing an incredible body of work to be sold at High Springs Gallery on Main Street.

The show is still in exhibition through November at the gallery.

The blog will be active throughout the year until the next event. It will have plein air stories and travel stories from all of the participating artists, and news about the Adopt A River program, as well as news from the Paint Out sponsor Paddiwhack and High Springs Galleries.

Paintings from the paint out as well as new paintings will be posted in anticipation of our next event in October of 2007.

The 2006 participating artists were:
1. Linda Blondheim
2. Ellie Blair
3. Kathleen Wobie
4. Linda Pence
5. Mary Jane Volkmann
6. Kate Barnes
7. Peter Carolin
8. Charles Dickinson
9. Gary Borse
10. Val Sandell
11. Elisabeth Ferber
12. Elaine Hahn
13. Charles Schaefer
14. Stewart Jones
15. Hank Fleck
16. John Felton
17. L Diane Johnson
18. Stacey Breheny
19. Jackie Schendehetti
20. Tom Sadler
21. Mitch Kolbe
22. Larry Moore
23. Joe Taylor

Paint Out Sponsors:
High Springs Gallery

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