Sunday, March 09, 2008

Report on Wekiva Paint Out 2008

Trish and Anne get ready for breakfast.

Scott is ready for the woods in cammo.

Peter, Barbara, and Jackie hang out in our favorite place, by the coffee machine.

Mitch catching the early morning Light.

Martin tries to wake up. The parkings lot wa a favorite gathering spot for all of us.

Leslie and Elisabeth

Kevin is from Dublin Ireland and has a charming Irish lilt.

Gene read us some wonderful stories around the campfire one night.

This year was really great. Leslie Long was our fearless leader along with the Friends of Wekiva who were so helpful to the artists. The weather turned very ugly at the end, but we all had a lovely time. I painted 15 paintings this year so I was well pleased with my production for the seven day event.

We were well fed by Leslie and her committee with meals from Publix Markets,Porkies BBQ, Subway and others. Thanks to Jane Yeackle for doing much of the kitchen duty this year and for the fabulous salads she created.

This years artists included Trish Beckham, Ellie Blair, Linda Blondheim, Robert Bridenbaugh,Cristophe Cardot,Peter Carolin,Grayon Conroy, Charles Dickinson, Cynthia Edmonds, Sally Evans, Elisabeth Ferber, Martin Figlinski, MJ Gandee, Anne Gilroy, Karen Harrod,Scott Heistand, Brenda Hofreiter, Mitch Kolbe, Kevin Mcnamara, Bernie Martin, Larry Moore, Susan Oller, Berto Ortega, Barbara Perrotti, Peter Pettigrew, Morgan Samuel Price, Gene Rantz, Tom Sadler, Jackie Schindehette, Sally Shisler and John Yeackle.

The show was amazing as always. So many top Florida painters together that it was dizzying to see the beautiful paintings, each better than the last.

Elisabeth out with her camera.

The best part of Wekiva is living in that lush beautiful environment with many other top painters. The time we spend together is precious and each year friendships and bonds grow stronger. There is a wonderful lack of competitiveness at this paint out, so unlike others. Many kind comments are made about each other's work and encouragement is given at every turn. There is no oneupsmanship and no favoritism shown to any artist. Jackie, Elisabeth and I stay in the Infirmary together. We work together to make sure campers who are locked out, get back into their cabins and handle any emergency which may occur if Leslie has gone home. We have the all important job of making sure the coffee is started each morning and looking after the place. It is just a wonderful environment, lacking in any ugly backstabbing or promoter biases. None of that occurs here, which is a welcome relief.

Berto played his guitar for us around the campfire. It was wonderful.

Tree's behind Scott's cabin
12x16 inches
oil on panel

I've never been to paint out where more opportunity exists to study nature and trees. There are so many wild animals, birds and trees in the park, it is heavenly.

The only hard part is leaving. I look forward to next year already.

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