Sunday, March 23, 2008

I got some more news today about the Heart of Florida Paint Out. They will have two Wet Rooms for the paint out this year. A wet room is a gallery where wet framed paintings can be purchased each day. The artists bring in their paintings each day so that viewers have new selections each day. It's very exciting for both the patrons and the artists. There will be paintings for sale right away on April 11th. The paintings sell each day as they are completed rather than having to wait for a week. The paintings of Evinston will go to the Wood Swink Post Office for viewing and the Orange Lake McIntosh paintings will go in the Wet Room in the old Citrus Shop at the Orange Lake overlook. This will be so convenient and great for everyone. At the end of the paint out there will be a big gala at the Thomas Center in Gainesville. The paintings that don't sell during the paint out will be taken there and hung for the big party. I have been told this is the best paint out in Florida for sales by all of my friends, so I am excited.

More on this paint out to come.

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