Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Wekiva Paint Out
March 5-10, 2007

Wet Room display of framed paintings.

Prevatt Lake by Elisabeth Ferber

12x24 inches

oil on canvas

Elisabeth Ferber from Orlando said:

As for the event!! Well I couldn’t ask for a more fun week with such great and talented artists! It was a new experience to be able to camp out and interact with each other in the evenings and meet new people. It was a nice mix of wildlife and landscape artists with various styles from abstract to realism. The Tippits, Bill and Rachel were very interactive hosts who supported us in every way. The Wekiva area has a host of places to paint from aka vistas, lakes, springs, forests, trails, wildlife etc. There is no shortage of artistic inspiration. The Patrons event was well attended and most of the artists had sales. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of an annual event.

Lake Prevatt Oaks
12x16 inches
oil on panel
Linda Blondheim
Linda Blondheim said:

This was my favorite paint out of all. I have done many over the last 15 years but this one was unique in that it allowed the painters to paint together and live in the same place for 6 days. Strong bonds of friendship form in this kind of environment. We worked all day and then socialized in the evenings over a camp fire, and in the dining hall and cabins. It was like being a child again and going back to summer camp.

We were treated lavishly to catered meals and a gala opening. Staying in the same place for a week and having the opportunity to spend long hours each day painting was a real treat. The parking lot became a gallery and meeting place each day, as painters came and went for meals.

The weather was perfection, with no rain the entire week. I have many happy memories of this event and so many laughs about the antics of the "Boys" in our camp.

I am very grateful to the following:

William and Rachel Tippit who made the event possible. They own Air Flora, Inc. These are the kindest most generous people I've met in some time. Their dedication and support of artists is so wonderful. Thanks to Leslie and Jana as well, who took care of all our needs and checked in our work each day. The park rangers could not have been nicer. I enjoyed talking with them and their families.

The Friends of Wekiva www.friendsofwekiva.org

Wekiva Wilderness Trust, Inc. www.home.earthlink.net/~w.w.t/index.html

Air Flora, Inc.

Albertsons- Apopka, Florida

Captain and the Cowboy

Catfish Place Restaurant

Chic-fil-A Hunt Club

Dunkin Donuts- Apopka, Florida

FastSigns- Apopka, Florida

Fredlund Gallery

Harris Harris Bauerle & Sharma

Porkies Barbeque- Apopka, Florida

Sun Trust Bank- Hunt Club

Urban Think Book Store

Wekiva Paint Out

Next years paint out is scheduled for March 3-8, 2008. I hope you will plan to come if you missed it this year.

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